Per Line. Friluftshuset at Orre

Orre-2-5 copie A3Marine Vincentz & Caroline Vaussanvin

Frilufthuset is a recreation centre, situated on the coast of Jæren, by the beach. Visitors go there to learn about the site’s birds and plants, as well as enjoying resting time and refreshments.


Built in 1987 and expanded in 1992, it was then burnt down in 1999 and rebuilt in 2002.

The kitchen, lecture hall and exhibition spaces are organized around the open slate courtyard which benefits from an outside foyer.

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The building does not stick out, but becomes a part of the dunes landscape, which makes us understand its low height and elongated shape. It is thus in close contact to the ground and most of its horizontal views are directed towards the sea. When going out, one looks at the sea or the sky. The cladding colors also help the building merge with its surroundings.

Site & Building Merging

The shape of the roof was dictated by Jæren’s dominant wind direction, North-West and South. The many angles of the walls also protect the visitors and the facilities from the wind. The various roof slopes and heights break the large volume and give it new character.

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Axonometric View



Roof Plan

Finally, the building is made of rocks and stone that were found in Jæren, thus emphasizing its genius loci aspect.

Per Line – Stillhetens Arkitekt
Master Thesis : Tone Woie Kverneland – Jærhusets Fornyer
Architectural Review 188 (1990) n°1023 – Nature Trail : information and exhibition pavilion, Orre, Norway : architect Per Line
Photo credit
Rasmus Norlander