Lund & Slaatto. Villa Lund

Although St. Hallvard Church and Chateau Neuf are the most famous buildings of Lund & Slaatto, the office designed several interesting private houses. Most of them are located in the outskirts of Oslo. This project was designed by and for Kjell Lund, and has different important topics to discuss. The two different materials used in the building generate at the same time two different facades, two different structures, two different kinds of space while playing with the fragmentation of the volume.1 As we can see below, in my drawings of the project, the house has different levels and many different stairs. On the lower level we can find the bedrooms of the house. In the next level, we find what one could call “ground floor” of the building. With the next stair we arrive to the kitchen and the dinning room. If we continue going up we will find an open space as a living room and in the last level the house ends with the main bedroom.

planta baixa       PLANTA PIs  seccio

Regarding this movement, I find some similarities with some of the projects of Adolf Loos. Perhaps, the most clear example of this is Villa Müller (1930) in Prague.

“My architecture is not conceived by drawings, but by spaces. For me the ground floor, the first floor, the second floor… doesn’t exist. There are only interconnected spaces, rooms, halls, terraces… Each space, according his importance, needs a different height.”
Adolf Loos.


Even though the result of the two projects is almost the same -different levels according the importance of the space- I think that the approach to design is quite different. Loos’ plan reflects a rational conception of space, while Lund & Slaatto’s, very much i line with the Nordic tradition, reflects an organic understanding of space.

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