Lund & Slaatto. The Ålhytta project – Prefabricated cabins since 1966

The Ålhytta project was the result of a competition won in 1966 by Lund & Slaatto, organized by the Ålhytta company, based in the city of Ål (in the county of Buskerud). It consisted of proposing a prefabricated cabin that could be developed all around the country, and adapted to the needs of every user.
More than an architectural project, it is therefore the opportunity for the Norwegian people to have their own cabin: it is an expression of the Norwegian dream. The goal being also to give a piece of Norwegian nature to those that can afford this prefabricated cabin accommodating to very different incomes, and interests.

After you decided how many bedrooms you want and what kind of spatial arrangement you think is most appropriate for your needs, the company provides the wood and assembly parts, and all you have to do is assemble the house. In many ways, it resembles the Ikea concept before the Swedish brand appeared.

The design of the cabin has slightly evolved since the one developed after the competition, but the module of 1,50 x 2,10m — based on the size of a simple cabin bed 0,75 x 2,10m — remains the same. In an attempt to better understand the project, I made a model and developed a fake advertisement leaflet — promoting the “Do it yourself” concept and trying to sell the project as a great opportunity for middle class to realise their cabin dream — which could have been published either today or back in the 1960s.


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