Room of Possibilities is the chosen platform to collect the research produced at the Norwegian Architecture elective at the Oslo Architecture School (AHO).

This blog on Norwegian Architecture, studies the evolution of the architectural thought and practice within the Norwegian context.

The articles are the result of seminar discussions, archive research, interviews and field trips in the Oslo region, addressing the meaning of national identity, and exploring a few of the ideas that dominated the means of architectural production through history in Norway. Parallel to this, great attention is given to the act of looking back in time and examining a work.

What is history? How do we talk about it? How do we engage with it? How do the means of recording and communication affect its meaning and perception? This are some of the questions addressed in order to rethink the way we relate to and engage with architectural history through different methods and media.

As a group, we report on the findings of our research in a quasi-journalistic manner, so this blog can serve as an entry point or an informal guide to Norwegian architecture for both local and visiting architects.

Andrea Pinochet

Note: Essentially exercising the role of the architectural tourist – conducting walking tours and site visits every week. The second edition of this venture places great emphasis on the notion of the tourist. More to come on the subject soon!