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Einar Jarmund. An Interview

Interview with Einar Jarmund, 04/09/2015 Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects by Joana Graça & Alberto Sancho Norwegian Architecture 2015, Oslo School of Architecture and Design The norwegian dream parody video mentioned by the architect, “The cabin”, can be found here.  

Manthey Kula. An Interview.

          After checking out their website, we gathered that their work was deeply theoretical, experimental and academically refined. We walked into Manthey Kula’s office on 9th September, 2015, with our notebooks full of questions ready to ask Beate Hølmebakk and Per…

Knut Longva. An Interview

We met former founder Knut Longva on a Friday afternoon during one of his few time slots. We asked him about his practice, his work and thoughts. After a fun time he spent passionately introducing us to different projects his firm designed since its creation,…