Dagur Eggertsson. A Hypothetical Interview

Seeking to stimulate a sincere reaction, we asked Dagur Eggertsson,* from Rintala Eggertsson Architects, to express his opinion on 4 different architectural topics in 4 different sites in Oslo. These were:


Ekebergparken  •  Transition

Sørengabro  •  Motion

Mariakirken  •  Re-contextualization

Opera House  •  Wonder


In a way, this is not an interview, rather an attempt to show that sometimes impressions and non-processed thoughts are more relevant than google data or a common sense answer. The role of the media was questioned, and a progressive reduction is applied to the whole recording. The process gets virtually lighter and lighter until it becomes just a simple text. As the bytes decrease the essence of the information comes to the surface.

Do we need something more than a text?













“What is a place of wonder? It is a thing that can easily happen out of pure intent and takes out to the question of what architecture is. Is it some of the things that you put into it or is it something more? I think you can say both. Because usually good architecture is containing something more than what we put into it and that’s what you’re striving for all the time. We’re striving for establishing a connection which is beyond the pure programmatic need. I think it can create a place of wonder. What is a place of wonder then? It can be many different things… I would say that is the place which contains that extra-thing that establishes a strong connection between the environment and human beings in it. So, either as the iconic buildings in magazines or as anonymous buildings they both have the potential of being that extra little thing. A different story is how media today conveys the message, but again, the important thing is the discovery of that tiny little extra thing that nobody calculated or planned for.”


*We take this occasion to thank very much Dagur Eggertsson for his huge patience and his super positive attitude toward our “weird” proposal.